Refresh Your Look | Evolve Your Business

Renovo was born to help small businesses create their presence known on the web. We understand that your business is personal and that budgeting is important. We provide a website and branding solution for this specific market.  We are here to help companies start on the right path with a professional and lasting look. We also provide a solution for those who started with a simple or cost-friendly alternative that is not meeting their standards or portraying their company’s voice. Renovo is here to partner with you to refresh your look as a small business.

Graphic Design

Sometimes a business just needs a new coat of paint. From logos to letterhead, we can design your company’s new look.

Web Development

From simple WordPress sites, to custom web applications, we can build a site that fits your budget and expectations.

Business Cards

Throw out those generic business cards and upgrade to your own unique set. We can make sure that you’ll leave an impression.


Nobody likes a grainy photo. Let us take, or find, professional looking photography to give off the look your deserve.

Receive quotes, talk about services, or ask general questions


Merging their knowledge with your vision

Having absolutely no idea how to create a webpage, Renovo Web Solutions was able to create a magnificent website. Merging their knowledge with your vision, they are able to create a webpage that will rise above all the rest.


A great experience! I highly recommend you use him!

I had put together our own website for our business.  It had all the info on it and was “functional”, but after Dillon built a website for our business there was a huge difference. We instantly got great feedback from our customers on our new site!!!

Dillon was extremely easy to communicate and work with. He is also very good about asking for my input on what layouts and what options I wanted.